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Discover the soul-nourishing joy of guiding others towards happiness and fulfillment. Life coaching is a deeply satisfying vocation, treasured by those compelled to help. Embark on your journey with our 100-hour Life Coach Certification program.

About the Program

Offered in partnership with Lora Lisi of Bliss Om Holistic Living Centre for the Soul, our 100-hour Life Coach Certification program combines proven life-coaching techniques with transformational wisdom. The program ensures you achieve the personal growth and confidence needed to guide others on their journey to fulfillment and wholeness.

What This Program Provides

  • Flexible Learning: Our robust curriculum is delivered in a step-by-step methodology that fits into your busy schedule.
  • Nurturing Environment: Immerse yourself in a caring, calm, and serene environment for your transformative journey.
  • Empowerment Opportunities: Gain clarity, create balance, find purpose, attract abundance, grow spiritually.
  • Community Connection: Feel connected in a community of like-minded souls, with the freedom to explore freely, authentically, and consciously.

Meet Online

Our accelerated online Life Coaching Certificate program is taught virtually via Zoom. Once a week, on Wednesdays, we connect, collaborate, and share. We also host four (4) Saturday Retreat Days throughout our regular course schedule. Between classes, we continue to connect and share in private online groups via our Coaching Gym and Coaching Academy Facebook group.

A Supportive Group Environment

You’re never alone on your path to certification. Our program includes group mentoring, personalized coaching experiences, expert observation, and feedback from your facilitators and students.

Personalized Business Guidance

Our support for your coaching business goes way beyond the program’s content. As part of our ongoing support and continued education, graduates are automatically enrolled in Bliss Om‘s coaching referral program and are invited to remain active contributing members of our Coaching Academy.

Earn While You Learn

Our program mandates that you practice, again and again. (And then practice some more!) This dedication to rigorous training allows our coaches to progress quickly. As a result, many of our coaches attract paying clients early on in their training. We support and encourage an “earn while you learn” approach for our students.

Discover What’s Possible

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