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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Your Business Moving Forward!

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Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Your Business Moving Forward!


It may surprise you, but I don’t advocate for changing your limiting beliefs. 

What you say?

Isn’t that a big part of self development?

Don’t I need to change those limiting beliefs to grow a successful business?

Hear me out.

I understand that the prevailing wisdom tells us that how we think is the single thing that holds us back in life and business.

Yes!!! That’s intense and a little disturbing given how hard it is to change our thoughts. 

And so, it looks like working on sorting through those negative thoughts to define the limiting beliefs seems like the major work of our life. 


I agree. We need to identify our limiting beliefs. But we don’t have to change them.


In this blog, I’ll show you another way to overcome your limiting beliefs in two simple steps so that you can finally get your business moving forward consistently and with confidence.


Step 1: Identify Your Limiting Beliefs. 

Do you know your limiting beliefs?

Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What are the things that, if I had a little more confidence or courage, I would do differently?
  2. With more confidence and courage, what might I try? What crazy wonderful dream would I go after? 
  3. Now ask yourself: Why don’t I do those things now? 


The answers to the third question are your limiting beliefs. 


Those limiting beliefs, I can tell you from experience, sound pretty much like this:

    • I am not ready.
    • I am too old.
    • I am out of shape.
    • I don’t have what it takes.
    • I’m not good enough.
    • I don’t measure up to others.
    • I’m afraid of failing.
    • I’m afraid of winning.
    • I’m afraid of looking bad or stupid.
    • I don’t have the support I need.
    • I won’t be loved.
    • I am not lovable.
    • I was raised in poverty and don’t know how to get over that.
    • And on and on it goes. 

Have you ever wondered why humans have limiting beliefs anyway?

And why are they pretty much all the same?

In fact, in his book, The Untethered Soul, author Michael A. Singer writes that all humans have a place in their consciousness where they think they are not okay.


All these limiting beliefs come from the idea in our consciousness that we are not okay. 


That is pretty much my limiting thought to a tee. If I look at all my sadness, stuck places, disappointments, and why I don’t set outrageous goals to grow my business 10 fold,  it’s because I think there is something wrong with me, that I am not okay.

At my core, I feel like damaged goods. Ouch. 


Yet, Singer says we all have that. It’s not just me. It’s part of being human.


Well more precisely, it’s what happens when we identify completely with being human and have lost the feeling of connection with our higher consciousness, or Spirit.

I’ve studied a lot about this.

The Christian mystic Joel Goldsmith, in a lecture from 1960, Your Infinite Way rather blew my mind the other day when he talked about those thoughts having NO power.

He says that these limiting or negative thoughts about ourselves are just that, only beliefs.

In and of themselves, they have no power.

In other words, they are vapor, steam, hot air!!!!! 


And doesn’t that just change everything when we stop seeing limiting beliefs as having power over us.


Because, if they don’t have any power over us, it isn’t a question of trying to change them.

We just let them go.

We are free! 

My favorite story about how our beliefs can just vaporize comes from India.

For thousands of years people asked:


What does the earth sit upon?


They had beautiful ideas, thoughts, beliefs about giant pillars of elephants finally standing on a massive turtle’s back.


And then, they learned the earth was round and floating in space.


And the beliefs about what the earth rested on simply disappeared. Their limiting beliefs vanished. 

 We can do that too with our limiting beliefs.

Want to try?


Step Two: Let Them Go!

Right now, most of us are very focused on changing our limiting beliefs.

We do all sorts of things to try to change them.

We write them out and try to understand where they came from.

We often beat ourselves up for having them.

We do what we can to switch them out for better ones.

Who knows what else we keep trying.


Instead, learn to take a step back and simply witness them.


Do not engage!

Watch them floating by like leaves floating on a river or clouds floating in the sky.

Remember, they have no power.

They are just thoughts generated for who knows why and for no good reason.

No power over you.

Relax. Release. Breathe. And poof, limiting beliefs begone!

I know, I’ve made it sound easy. And I know it’s not easy. It takes practice, and intention.

You must recognize that these limiting beliefs are actually holding you back, filling you with thoughts of being an imposter, cajoling you into thinking you have to have the perfect caption and graphic, that you’re not good enough to grow that coaching business you’ve been dreaming about.

Make the commitment to do the inner work and I promise, you’ll see changes on the outside.

Learn to fall back, relax and release those pesky thoughts. 

Witness them and then let them go.

Good luck ❤️


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